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Skalitzky Drainage is a family owned and operated business with a team of tiling professionals who have been farming for over 50 years. We know first-hand what having properly drained fields means to your bottom line at the end of the growing season. When you work with us, you’re working with a team that knows farming and knows what you need for a great harvest.

We don’t believe in short cuts

At Skalitzky Drainage we don’t like taking shortcuts. We believe that every job should be done right or not at all.

Quality design and installation are key when developing a successful long-term plan for your farm.

  • We use the modern technology like GPS survey mapping which offers optimal land planning with efficiency and accuracy.

  • With innovative trenching equipment we can ensure optimal tile depth at the most accurate grade, even in the most difficult soil conditions.

  • We use farm drainage tile and fitting products that are designed for high capacity water flow with no corrosion or deterioration.

We know tiling

We know what it takes to maximize your farm's long-term profitability.

A properly installed agricultural drainage system will increase your crop yields and decrease crop damage. Reducing surface water and soil erosion means deeper roots and healthier plants. We provide subsurface drain systems that deliver the maximum return on your investment for years to come. Let us design a tile drainage system to help you reach your crop yield goals.

Our Services

  • Design and install tile drainage systems to remove excess water from poorly drained land

  • GPS controlled survey mapping of the topography to create a comprehensive drainage design

  • Modern trenching equipment using the lasted technology to ensure optimal tile depth

  • 4-inch to 18-inch diameter flexible pipe to accommodate water flow rates

  • Surface inlet drains to reduce surface water faster

  • Illustrative maps of tile lines and outlets to help locate your field’s drainage system

  • Underground installation of irrigation system PVC piping

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